Ear Acupuncture

There are some great advantages to having ear acupuncture:

  1. It can be more cost efficient than full body acupuncture treatment.
  2. It can be more time efficient than a full body acupuncture treatment.
  3. For those uncomfortable with needles, ear seeds instead of needles are taped onto specific points on the ears.
  4. The ear seeds stay on for a period of a few days. My ear seeds are used with the more aesthetic looking transparent tape rather than the band-aid-looking ones more commonly used.

Also, to enhance the treatment, I may occasionally add a couple hand or face needle points during the time it takes me to place the ear seeds. This is especially helpful for anxiety or stress treatments.

Some conditions require more than just ear points, but here are some conditions where ear seeds are sufficient and very effective:

  • Stress, anxiety
  • Smoking, soda, and other addictions
  • Weight balance and maintenance (best for maintenance stage of weight loss control.
  • Excessive armpit sweating- extremely effective!